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What is CBD Lotion

What Is CBD Lotion – CBD Living Lotion Product Review

By Ted | March 3, 2019

250 mg Full Spectrum Nano CBD 16 fl. oz. Pump Bottle Vegan – No THC Available in: Lavender and Unscented Free Shipping 10% OFF for Members $46.95 each 6-pack Discount 20% @ $249.95 12-pack Discount 25% @ $449.95 Call for Bulk Orders (888) 302-3600 * All bulk orders must be paid by check – No […]

Truth About CBD

The Truth About CBD

By Ted | February 21, 2019

As we watch the litany of legislators, regulators, and politicos flip their positions on Cannabis and appear to have re-evaluated its immense potential for good.  Upholding their belief in Cannabis prohibition for the last 85 years has proven to be untenable politically, yet many patients are left in an arguably worse situation regardless. As an […]

Questions About CBD

The Power Of The Mind – 3 Patient Approaches to CBD Oil Questions

By Ted | February 17, 2019

Get in Front of the Marketing Hype about CBD NO ENTROPY:  Prescription Meds & Drugs (No CBD Therapy) LOW ENTROPY:  CBD & Hemp Marketing Hype (Low-quality CBD Products) HIGH ENTROPY:  Nano CBD Science (High-quality Nano CBD Products) I believe that any self-respecting and legitimate CBD authority should try to share their observations with you first […]

Nano CBD Gel Caps

CBD Living Gel Caps Product Review – CBD Oil Gel Caps

By Ted | January 22, 2019

CBD Living Gel Caps are a Perfect 10 – Read my Review and discover the only CBD Gel Caps that utilize both Pure CBD Oil and Nanotechnology to deliver the most effective CBD softgels available anywhere.

CBD Vaping and CBD e-Liquids

By Ted Mortenson | January 11, 2019

FAQ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Is Vaping CBD the best delivery method for Anxiety Relief? Not necessarily, but highly recommended for anxiety, and PTSD patients. I work with these patients every week, and I always recommend use of CBD Living Vape Kit in combination with an internally ingested dose of 25 – 50mg dose per day. […]

CBD Website FAQ Questions – Answers

By Ted | January 11, 2019

FAQ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Please let us know if we can add your unanswered questions to our CBD Website FAQ regarding any of my articles, recommendations, and CBD product reviews. When was the Cannabis Animus Membership site first created? Our Membership site was developed in 2015 from our office in Newport Beach in 2015.  The […]

Members & Customer Service

By Ted | January 11, 2019

FAQ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How do I sign up for a Free Membership? It’s easy… just click here and fill out the form. You’ll receive an email confirmation about you free membership benefits… and maybe even a gift!  ;^> Is Customer Service available by Phone? Yes, of course!  It’s one of our most popular free membership […]

General Cannabis Questions

By Ted Mortenson | January 11, 2019

FAQ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can a Cannabis grower increase the CBD content in their plants? According to a study by biochemist Etienne de Meijer (Inheritance of the Cannabinoid Phenotype), growers can induce environmental conditions such as light, temperature, nutrients, water, and soil acidity. Different combinations and permutations definitely increases (or lowers) the levels of various […]

CBD Discount Coupons

By Ted Mortenson | January 11, 2019

FAQ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How do I get Coupons for CBD? It’s easy… Just click here and fill out our Free Membership form. You’ll receive an email confirmation… and immediate access to Coupons for CBD!  ;^> What is your VIP Discount Coupon all about? The only conditions that must be met in order to receive an […]