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What is Cannabis Animus?

Why the "name" Cannabis Animus?

I understand “Cannabis” as representative of the larger subject and discussion our visitors and fellow citizens are having on the subject.  My intention behind the combination with the term “animus” represents my own motivations and straight forward angst over how our Federal government has treated my fellow Americans since long before my generation really put the Federal Government’s silly propaganda to the test.

Definition:  AN-I-MUS

1) hostility, or ill feeling 

2) motivation to do something

While you and I can clearly see the attempts at distortion and 'misinformation' for over 80 years, the Federal Government including both bi-party system leaders continue with their close to century old lies and obfuscations surrounding “marijuana” including their donors’ demands to protect their industries.  But, 2019 developments are encouraging at least.  We'll certainly see the fiasco unfold further in 2020 as the "animal spirits" and "institutions" try to capture advantage over markets that will boggle minds in the near future.

It’s also now clear that the last two U.S. Presidents have publicly acknowledged State-licensed Medical Cannabis Patient Rights and States’ Rights in general when it comes to the criminalization of Cannabis use, personal cultivation, or even research on the medical benefits of Cannabis products.  It clearly shows us how ineffective a President can be – all talk and no action.  Or, what has become a mere talking head for a relative few power brokers.  There's only so much a President can try to do.... until.

Undeterred, I channel my animus as constructively as I possibly can, and I’m betting on the side of us Americans.  Call me crazy, but I’m voting with my pen.  I believe our pens (and voices better) harness the potential of being proven even more effective than President Obama’s pen ever was… I wonder if he still has that pen?  He's now moved on to Netflix productions.

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What is Cannabis Animus All About?

It’s about the elephant in the room.  I’m joining in a collective effort with many of my fellow Americans to disrobe the current ‘emperors’ and their political puppets.  I’m all-in, and I want to contribute and help in some way to build the larger case for our future health and wellbeing.

I believe that the majority of Americans want to replace our pay-for-play politicians with more informed and compassionate political leaders – men and women of conscience as opposed to career politicians.  We’ve seen this most fortunate and critical momentum building for some time now.

And we also seek new Justice and Law Enforcement System professionals of conscience who realize that one of the biggest ways to lower the spiraling, out-of-control medical care costs in America will and must directly involve the Cannabis industry and Cannabis science.

I’ve created Cannabis Animus as a platform for promoting the important discoveries that modern science, nanotechnology and medical research are showing us about the myriad uses of Cannabis including its powerful healing properties.

Our members represent all political parties, religions, and spiritual philosophies, atheist or agnostic.  We are issue-focused and inclusive by design.

I hope Cannabis Animus draws guest bloggers, health professionals, historians, and politicians who have grown a pair.  And if I can handle the heat that is put upon me as a more ‘vocal’ caregiver and patient, I hope to elaborate on the story of Cannabis in America as a writer.

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In the meantime, Cannabis Animus is about educating those who choose to be more knowledgeable on the subject of Cannabis.  More specifically, our current focus is on CDB-related subjects and methods of cannabidiol delivery as with our recommended nano CBD products that optimize the bio-availability and therefore effectiveness of select, high-quality CBD products (for humans and our pets).

First and foremost, we are emphasizing how Cannabis and CBD offers an all-natural, safe, and non-addictive method of better managing pain while optimizing both physical and mental wellness.

CA Members receive economic benefits in the form of product discounts, additional Discount Coupons, and we try to keep everyone updated on highly relevant events “In The News”, leading edge Cannabis science, and medical marijuana research.  These new product introductions carry with them healthier solutions and quantum improvements to many treatments and illnesses that ultimately affect us all in one way or another.

Pay-For-Play Politics

On a more macro scale, an entirely new and truly sustainable, natural resource offering economies of scale with off-the-charts productivity potential and world-wide employment gains… if we would just all agree to let American ingenuity and individual freedom lead the way to a significantly more productive, efficient, and environmentally sound way of looking at this miraculous plant species.

Cannabis Animus Members understand that our elected officials and their appointees are “lobbied” to continue supporting and 80 year old prohibition of all things Cannabis or “marijuana” in order to sustain their bidder’s ultimately uncompetitive markets.

Are American’s tired of pay-for-play politics?  I humbly suggest that there is no time like the present to finally make some common-sense decisions based in fact about your own observations.

We also understand that just because a relatively tiny but extremely wealthy and powerful population of Americans wish to protect their investments in the status quo doesn’t mean that we all have to tow their line.  The tide has now turned and there's no reason to continue to comply with them in any way.  Watch them all jump on the Cannabis Profit Bandwagon.  They'l all be extolling the virtue of Cannabis research and medical discovery!

I am personally prospecting for more wealthy and/or influential Americans that are “coming out” as anti-prohibition and anti-pay-for-play.  Why continue to support the criminalization of Americans?  Join us at Cannabis Animus and speak up!  We ALL want to hear from you!

“If we would just all agree to let American ingenuity, creativity, and individual freedom lead the way to a significantly more productive, efficient, and environmentally productive way of working with this miraculous plant species?...”  -Ted

For decades, we have been incarcerating millions of Americans for what is essentially the best known, natural, safe, and non-addictive solution for combating dozens of diseases and the spiraling medical costs largely caused by the same diseases and prescription medications.

We can all see that the majority of States and their people are responding in increasing numbers of voters with decades of disdain for pay-for-play politicians, zero-sum gamesmanship, and openly legalized bribery as fair game in Washington DC, but nowhere else.

We recognize our bloated and obnoxious Federal Government as not only wasteful, they consistently over-step their Constitutional authority and trust that “We” put in our Justice System and Law Enforcement.

“There is nothing wrong with healthcare in America.  The problem is with mega-sized insurance companies who are allowed to run the entire medical-pharma racket.

Physicians and surgeons are paid by insurance companies, not patients.  Get it?

So ask yourself again.... Who pays (signs) their checks?"  -Ted

What about Insurance Companies and Healthcare?

As we wait patiently for our Republic’s remaining States' voters to come to their collective senses regarding their State’s Rights regarding medical and/or recreational use of “marijuana”, extreme and unnecessary social costs from natural plant supplement prohibitions tear at our Country’s common sense experience and desire to heal.  Until all Americans can buy our medical insurance on an open and nationwide basis, we people of individual States will have to Federal regulators and our Capital Hill representatives determining all the above.

Insurance companies control how much the overwhelming majority of physicians and surgeons are paid.  I know.  I worked on the front lines with ophthalmic surgeons and glaucoma specialists.  I've learned first-hand exactly what has happened to their Insurance-industry-controlled reimbursements.

However, I’m not aware of any similar “haircut” that Insurance companies have taken.  Their stockholders are doing better than ever in this post-Obama era "market”.  U.S. Presidents and Washington lawyers write prolific Healthcare Reform bills that are ‘regulated’ by the same Federal bureaucracies Government that prosecutes and incarcerates citizens in larger numbers than ever before in history.  Perhaps you are aware that in academically economic terms... it’s called a “racket”.

So stay tuned to the Cannabis Animus website and our social media platforms.  Consider taking more control of your health, wellbeing, and the quality of your life.  We offer you new knowledge to consider.

And consider too the fact that there is indeed a war being fought, and this endless War on Drugs is actually a War Against All Civil Rights and a War Against Quality & Affordable Healthcare for Americans.

With due respect for all health professionals, I want my audience to understand that there is a wonderful solution for what we all PATIENTS seek.

We strive to be in control of our own physical and mental wellbeing - instead of 'blindly' taking synthetic drugs with dangerous side effects including pre-mature, drug-induced death.

The more informed and honest ‘white-coats’ will advise you the same.  We all hope to hear more from them in the future!  Godspeed.