Nano CBD Series

CBD Suppository

CBD Suppositories – CBD Living Product Review

By Ted / November 11, 2018

500mg Full Spectrum Nano CBD10 – 50mg Suppositories per BoxFor Rectal and Vaginal Use Each Box Contains 10 Suppositories Retail Price: $70.00  (15% Free Member Discount @ $58.95) 6-pack: Member Discount @ $296.95 12-pack: Member Discount @ $499.95 Call Bulk Orders (888) 302-3600 * All bulk orders must be paid […]

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CBD Patch

CBD Patches – CBD Living Topical Patch Review

By Ted / November 8, 2018

Full Spectrum Nano-CBD – 60mg/Patch Up to 3 Days Extended Relief Vegan, Non-GMO, and Latex Free Hypoallergenic with Medical Grade Adhesive Each box contains 12 patches. 1 Patch Retail: $32 (15% Free Member Discount @ 26.95 each) 6-Pack Retail: $160 (20% Free Member Discount @ $128.95) Full Box (12) Retail: […]

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Nano CBD Gel Caps

CBD Living Gel Caps Product Review – CBD Oil Gel Caps

By Ted / September 14, 2018

CBD Living Gel Caps are a Perfect 10 – Read my Review and discover the only CBD Gel Caps that utilize both Pure CBD Oil and Nanotechnology to deliver the most effective CBD softgels available anywhere.

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CBD Water

What Is CBD Water?

By Ted / September 11, 2018

Learn how Nanotech has created a premium Nano CBD Water that infuses and encapsulates nano-sized CBD into water clusters that penetrate the blood-brain barrier thus providing 100% bio-availability… CBD infused water is the newest and most healthy drinking water available. It has been infused with nano-sized cannabidiol (CBD) molecules. Encapsulated or ‘encased’ in a water cluster, this technology uses applications in quantum physics to reduce normal sized CBD molecules to one millionth – yes you read that right – one millionth of their normal size. Using this continually evolving nanotechnology, scientists have created a new transport system that gets CBD and other key nutrient molecules to where they are needed in the body in order to provide the optimum effect on cellular health, longevity, and/or treatment of disease.

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Change to Nano CBD Products

CBD Oil For Sale – What Is Best For Me?

By Ted / May 26, 2018

Virtually everyone in the world has access to information about CBD oil for sale on the Internet.  Search engines, social media, and directories alike are awash with articles and posts including the myriad social subjects surrounding the new medical awareness of cannabidiol (CBD).   A couple of years ago when I […]

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Nano Enhanced CBD Oil

Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil – CBD Living Daily Tincture Product Review

By Ted / April 8, 2018

High Potency Nano CBD Oil: 1,000 mg equivalents VELsorb®: Colloidal Micelle Delivery System Full Spectrum Nano CBD Oil and MCT Oil – No THC – Quality Tested:  No Heavy Metals, Pesticides, or Herbicides 1 fl oz (30 ml) Bottle – 1 ml Dropper Top Included 20% Off Retail for Members @ $89.95 […]

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Nanotechnology and CBD

CBD and Nanotechnology

By Ted / March 26, 2018

As our earliest members at Cannabis Animus can attest, I’ve been researching, personally testing, and writing much about CBD and CBD nano products in the last 2 years.  And if there was one single thing that has fascinated me most, it would be the subject of CBD and nanotechnology. The […]

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CBD Bath Bomb

Best CBD Bath Bombs – Product Review

By Ted / February 3, 2018

CBD – Organic Aroma Therapy – Natural Bath Soaps – Combined Nano CBD: 60 mg per Bath Bomb Full-spectrum, Certified Non-GMO, Organic Hemp Oil Super-critical CO2 Extraction: No THC, Synthetics, or Artificial Ingredients / Product Size: 3 Inches in Diameter (8 oz.) 4 Therapeutic Oil Aromas:  French Lavender, Amber Bergamot, Eucalyptus,Coconut Lime Verbena, and Cucumber Lime  Free Shipping […]

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CBD Vape Oil

Vaping CBD Oil – CBD Living Vape Product Review

By Ted / January 17, 2018

CBD Living Vape Cartridges Organic, Full Spectrum, Nano CBD Oil Critical CO2 Extraction with added Natural Terpenes and MCT Oil* Chromed Mouthpiece, Medical Grade Glass, 510 Thread, and Ceramic Coil Proprietary Blends/Flavors: Bubble Gum, Sour Diesel, and Tangie No VG, PG, or THC Retail Price: $50 (Member Discount 15% @ $42.95 […]

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CBD Crystalline Isolate

CBD Living Isolate Product Review

By Ted / April 22, 2017

What is CBD isolate used for? Discover how pure CBD Isolate Crystals relieve acute and chronic pain. 100% natural, 100% Safe, and 100% Non-Habit Forming… CBD Living Isolate is 99+% pure anhydrous cannabidiol (crystalline, waterless CBD) created in a laboratory from imported hemp oil.

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Best Over Counter Sleep Aid

Best Over Counter Sleep Aid: Product Review

By Ted / April 22, 2017

CBD Living Sleep Aid syrup is a relatively new product that combines the calming benefits of CBD + Melatonin creating the best OTC sleep aid with no side effects.

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CBD Living Chocolate Product Review

By Ted / April 22, 2017

Read up to better understand the amplified effect that chocolate brings to the miracle of CBD in this product review of CBD Living Chocolate bars… There’s a more interesting and even beneficial relationship that cannabidiol (CBD) has with chocolate (cacao).

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CBD Living Freeze Product Review – CBD Pain Relief

By Ted / April 22, 2017

Product: CBD LIVING FREEZE Dosage: Roll on a skin and rub in Roll-On Applicator: Contains 100mg CBD Weight: 1 lb. Price: $30 My Rating: 10 out of 10 Although I’m surprised by the number of brand name…

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CBD Living Water Product Review – The Ultimate In CBD Delivery

By Ted / April 14, 2017

What is CBD Living Water? Learn how Nano Water Technology amplifies the effects of the 99.5% pure Cannabidiol in CBD Living Water. Nano CBD Water technology reduces the CBD particles to one-millionth their original size. This nano-sizing technology enables penetration of the blood brain barrier which allows for 100% Bioavailability of the cannabidiol dosage to virtually all of the cells in our bodies.

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CBD Shatter

CBD Living Shatter Product Review – What is Shatter?

By Ted / April 6, 2017

Extracted from CBD rich hemp, medical cannabis concentrates like CBD Living Shatter are THC-free, 100% Natural, 100% Safe, and 100% Non-Addictive. Cannabidiol (CBD) delivers the most

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Best CBD Products

What is CBD Living Water?

By Ted / April 6, 2017

CBD Living Water is the name of a most vital and unique, US-based company that is absolutely rocking both medical and athletic communities among others. It is also the name of their flagship product – a very special and unique drinking water that delivers a myriad of physiological (body) and psychological (mind) health benefits from CBD (cannabidiol)…

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