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CBD and Pets FAQ



What is the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil? Expand

That’s a bit difficult to answer in only a few sentences because, as with so much of our culture, words have multiple meanings to different people.  This is due largely because there is no formalized nomenclature for the purposes of labeling, advertising, or legally sustainable nomenclature.

It has been kept “underground” since the 1930’s and as a result the vocabulary is almost entirely slang and colloquialisms. That said, it is generally interpreted by those of us in the industry to separate Hemp oil from CBD oil.

The specific answers lie in for what the product’s purpose or application is intended. Hemp oil is generally expected to be a full spectrum organic oil extract from commercial hemp (Cannabis ruderalis) where CBD oil more of a constructed substance that varies in characteristics and ingredients that facilitate it use or specific application.

For example, CBD and Hemp oil is used for pet products and people products.  In fact, you will find that nano CBD for Pets is now available for pets- and recommended highly as it is for our own, serious medical conditions.

Many regulators feel that in order for CBD oil to be properly classified as such, the CBD needs to be isolated from other psychoactive cannabinoids.  I could go on for days about controversy surrounding this, but the important thing to remember is that commercial hemp oil contains about .3% THC while CBD oil is typically isolated from the THC cannabinoid.  For example, nano CBD contains no THC.

CBD itself should be 99.5% pure (the rest is basically water molecules) while containing no other cannabinoids whatsoever.  This is called CBD isolate and is used in the preparation of CBD edibles because it has virtually no taste.

Other forms of CBD oil contain very little actual CBD. Others are blended for vaporizing and inhaling, while others are nano-sized and encapsulated in Water, Gel Caps and Gummies for the kids.

Essentially, you can think of hemp oil as a basic, essential oil extract from hemp while CBD oil is further refined, often isolated, and also sourced from CBD-dominant strains of the Cannabis sativa species/hybrid varieties.

Is CBD Hemp Oil good for Pets? Expand

One of the fastest growing segments in the Cannabis industry is CBD for pets. And the most effective are nano CBD products for pets.

Nano CBD oil for pets is now a better alternative than traditional, hemp oil infused pet products. Hemp oil drops, capsules, rawhide chews and biscuit treats are becoming a part of the family grocery list at an ever increasing rate.

3 thoughts on “CBD and Pets FAQ”

  1. Hello.!

    I am a starting up CBD vendor and am trying to learn all I can. Specifically about nanowater CBD. Is the process of turning isolate into nanopoles able to be done at home?

    I need to learn more about CBD. All I have right now is CBD isolate with ~97% CBD inside. It is not soluble in water however when I use to for myself I put 1,000mg into a 30mL vial and sublingually take 1mL at night after a long day at work. It is wonderful, and I think I have a lot to learn from you. Anyways I hope you’re having an amazing day 💓

    1. Hi Ian, There are a number of articles I’ve written on the subjects you’ve shared. Please feel free to navigate my site via the CBD Info and CBD Product Reviews categories (Isolate, full spectrum, etc.) for specific articles on your subject of interest. You are on the right track with boosting the potency of your CBD oil with CBD Isolate. I recommend CBD Living Isolate as it is 99.5% pure CBD (the rest is water in the crystals). It will dissolve into oil – many add it to their favorite salad dressings.

      You’ll find this to be among the most pure, lab-tested, and certified by 3rd Party Lab test results available by scanning the QR code on the cox that the container comes in.

      And rest assured, these products on my site are not made at home. Far from it. CBD Living is a leader in nanotechnology and pharmaceutical quality manufacturing and proprietary processes.

      Thanks for your support!

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