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CBD Isolate vs Full-Spectrum

CBD Isolate vs Full-Spectrum

CBD products are now more popular than ever, and rightly so.  We discover more and more of its benefits with each day, and it’s really important for us to learn the proper way of consuming them.  Perhaps the most practical of these products is an isolated form referred to as "CBD Isolate".  It is the purest form of Cannabidiol available to us.  Let’s understand it better and see how we can apply it to our daily routine and compare CBD isolate vs full-spectrum CBD products.

Ingesting CBD

The simplest way of ingesting CBD isolate is just swallowing the powder as it is.  It’s easy and can be done anywhere and anytime.  Think of it as a powdery pill.  The fact that the substance has no scent or taste only makes it more convenient.

The simplest way to administer CBD isolate powder is to place it under your tongue (aka: "sublingually") and let it absorb into your bloodstream quickly.

Well, if you care about expedience, you should choose the second one.  The buccal mucosa tissue located under the tongue absorbs CBD faster than if you simply swallow it.

The digestive tract takes a longer time to process the substance, and it provides a lower bioavailability rate as do similar nutritional supplements like vitamins, minerals, and prescription medications.

CBD Dose Measurements

This means that not all CBD we consume will have actual effects. The ECS system, or the system in our bodies that receives the substance, is in charge of much of this decision-making.  Our natural receptors  (CB1 and CB2 receptors) connect with the cannabinoids from outside, accepting what they can and putting it into use.

The way to make sure that CBD is most effectively used, or has a high bioavailability rate, is by getting it into your system as quickly as possible, and that is either sublingual method or inhaling CBD vapor.

CBD in Beverages

For those who want convenience, CBD beverages are another way of ingesting isolate. This is refreshing and remedial at the same time. Before sipping your favorite drink, you should determine your dose and simply add it inside.

Here's another product category where CBD isolate vs Full-Spectrum CBD comes into play due to the integration of nanotechnology and nanoscience.

The ultimate form of CBD comes in nano-form where the CBD molecules are reduced to over 1 million times their original size.  Consequently, CBD water and CBD sparkling sodas are increasingly popular.

CBD Beverage - Carbonated

Whether you will combine it with your favorite fruit juices, coffee or tea, it’s up to you.  You can even put it in alcohol which will not react adversely with CBD as it does with analgesics.

Cooking with CBD

Who says that CBD can’t be part of a delicious meal?  Having said that, there are certain rules you should follow when exposing the substance to a high temperature, but as long as you respect the procedure, you’re safe.  The easiest way to avoid any issues is to simply sprinkle the isolate crystals on top of warm or hot foods just as you would with salt.  This way, you will enjoy your food and ingest the necessary dose of CBD without any concern.

If vaping is your thing, well, you’re in luck: CBD isolate can be incorporated into your vape juice or purchase pre-mixed as e-vape juice.   Actually, this is a favorite ingestion method for some people because of how fast our bodies react to inhaling CBD vapor.

Those patients with anxiety symptoms can find quick relief with this method.  Also, vaping isolate in these forms can be a really tasty experience; you have a myriad of flavors at your disposal.

Vaping CBD Oil

Yet another super-convenient way of using isolate is by adding it to an existing tincture.  For instance, maybe you’re not satisfied with how strong it is.  CBD isolate, as we’ve already learned, is a very potent substance.

By adding it to the tincture, you can double the strength of the original medicine.  However, there is some pre-heating that is recommended you do in order for the combination to be most effective.

Health & Safety Measures

As with any other product, you should ensure that you’re using isolate properly.  That entails your review of 3rd party lab test results of the brand, so you can be certain that it’s perfectly safe to use.  The hemp should have a U.S. origin and not contain any heavy metals or pesticides.

Not everyone is willing to do a thorough search, so it’s advisable to consult a medical expert who is CBD knowledgable.  Online browsing won’t harm you in any way, but CBD professionals have the necessary expertise to determine whether you’re using CBD properly.

In the meantime, only consider products that contain a QR code on the label that instantly reveals the lab test results for your review.

QR code for CBD products

Make sure you are sincere about your plans.  It’s your own health we’re talking about, and an important thing to remember is that there is nothing embarrassing or humiliating when it comes to taking better care of yourself.

CBD and COVID Variants

The ongoing pandemic has penetrated our daily lives in every aspect imaginable.  Whether we’re talking about education, work, social life, family, the crisis has radically changed the way we function.  The stress and anxiety it’s been inducing globally since it started may require some additional attention to CBD and the immune system.

What CBD isolate and other CBD products provide could be the solution you’re looking for.  More and more experts advocate the use of cannabidiol for dealing with insomnia, anxiety, and other common health issues that plague the population worldwide. Free of THC, it benefits your body without altering your mind, and it’s certainly a smarter and safer choice than the psychiatric drugs that are typically prescribed.

According to some experts, a full-spectrum CBD formula could be even more effective than isolate forms because of the so-called “entourage effect”.  Basically, this means that several other natural sister cannabinoids are included with the CBD to produce a synergistic effect on the body which could be even more beneficial than pure CBD isolate.  Only time and more clinical studies will tell which option is the best, and for whom.

Entourage Effect Diagram


No matter the outcome, CBD has already proven to be a reliable tool for dealing with anxiety issues and dealing with stress, as well as reducing inflammation and the pain that comes with it.  Sleep is the 3rd main category where consumers are finding natural solutions to their sleep problems.

Be it oil, isolate, topical cream, or something else, it can only improve your health and help you achieve balance in your everyday activities and homeostasis within your body's main systems.

I hope you found this brief article comparing CBD isolate vs Full-Spectrum CBD products helpful.  At the very least, you have learned more to consider when choosing the right products for you and yours.

Please don't go without leaving your thoughts in the Comment section at the bottom below.  Our members and visitors want to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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