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CBD oil for dogs

CBD For Dogs – Doggie Drops Product Review

Product: Doggie Drops | by HempsPets

Contents: Cannabidiol – 300 mg CBD; 1 fl oz | 30 ml

Bottle Type: Clear plastic with extended dropper tip

Serving/Dose: 3 Drops equals 1 mg CBD; 10 mg/ml CBD

Ingredients: Non-GMO, EU Certified Hemp (Super-critical CO2 extraction)

Additional Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Lecithin

MY RATING: 6 out of 10

Doggie Drops are the latest in medicinal hemp oil for pets from HempsPets.  This higher potency formula is the latest product upgrade from their Manufacturer, NutraHemp, and is designed for dogs and cats alike.  Whether licked from your hand, dry bowl, or added to your pet’s favorite food or biscuit, Doggie Drops are easy to incorporate into your pet’s health regimen.

Organic CBD Hemp Oil

HempsPets’ hemp oil for pets delivers powerful phytonutrients, flavonoids, terpenes, and essential oils that provide pain relief and improve your pet’s health and well-being especially as they get older.  As we all know too well, they feel the effects of aging and medical problems essentially the same way we do.

All of HempsPets’ hemp-infused food additives and CBD pet snacks are formulated using state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing processes.  For instance, the CBD molecules are encased in ‘liposomes’ in order to survive the strong digestive processes of cats and dogs – thereby delivering more effective results than most others.

Food-based Medicine

Natural food-based medicine is believed by many veterinarians to provide far better results than prescription medications and is therefore recommended for nourishing your pet with the natural, neuropathic supplementation that it needs.

As mentioned above, liposomes are phospholipid molecules engineered to enclose a water droplet… or in this case, an organic CBD solution.  They are typically formed and used to transport drugs and medicinal substances like CBD into the tissue.

How much CBD oil should I give my dog

It also serves as a more natural way for our dog’s and cat’s bodies to recognize the cannabinoid and deliver it to the receptor cells for up uptake, homeostatic signaling, and regenerative healing of the animal’s peripheral nervous system.

Benefits of CBD for Pets

Infusing your pet’s food and snacks with a comparatively high-dose of CBD hemp oil like you find in Doggie Drops delivers a number of health benefits. You are probably reading this because a friend of family member has a pet using it.

Following is a brief list from my post called “CBD and Pets”:

Arthritis – Apparently, cats have fewer medication options when it comes to managing their arthritis pain.  CBD is an obvious choice for alternatives to prescription medication for inflammation.  It works on them just like it does for us with improved joint mobility and less pain.

• Asthma – A common inflammatory condition with our cats often requires prescription inhalers that can be largely replaced by a simple, daily CBD oil regimen over time and with the supervision of your veterinarian.

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – CBD is even more important as a preventative supplement as well because it has such effective anti-inflammatory properties.  This is the way to reverse the syndrome in cats as well as their owners.

• Pancreatitis – Often herbal remedies and digestive enzymes for pets with Pancreatitis have been found to be very helpful. The addition of CBD should be delivered in the gel cap form for this condition. Consult your vet.

• Visible tumors and Skin problems are often improved even when other medications do not work.

• Helps with Digestion and will relieve Nausea

• Calming effect from injury, anxiety, phobias from traumatic events

cbd and pets

How to Use CBD Hemp Oil: For Pets

There’s really no hard and fast rules when it comes to using Doggie Drops.  That’s the beauty of it!

Two of the best features of this product is how Hemps Pets have improved the bottle in such an ergonomic way and also formulated the drops so that it is clearly differentiated from the thicker and harder to use “Dog Lick”.

They incorporated the new formulation in a squeeze bottle with a long, plastic, syringe-like tip.  This way the drops that come out are measured and you can count the drops starting with 10 drops and working your way up if needed.

cbd dog treats

CBD Dosage for Pets

Following is their chart that provides general guidelines for dosages of Doggie Drops for different size pets.  Cats can be more sensitive because they are half the weight of most small dogs.  So, consider starting with 3-4 drops for kitties:

• 5-6 drops/ meal for pets up to 25lbs

• 10-12 drops for pets 26 to 50lbs

• 15-16 drops for pets over 50lbs


*None of this is adequate for optimum health benefits nor results.


When we understand that hemp is not marijuana, and CBD is not psychoactive, or psychotropic, or addictive…

And we understand that all mammals including dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems (ECS) that need CBD to provide homeostasis of their peripheral nervous system, immune system, and cardio-pulmonary systems…

Then we look to the best ways of delivering these nutrients to our pets so they too can benefit from this knowledge too.

Cannabis Animus members recommend CBD Living Pet Products for best results.  You can read all my pet product reviews here.

Please don’t go without leaving a comment below. We are all looking forward to sharing our pet’s experiences along the path to better health and quality of life.

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    1. Thanks very much Don! And thank you for taking the high road and only manufacturing the very best pet products possible. I confidently recommend all HempsPets products for our Member’s pets.

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