Legalize Marijuana

2016 Red States, Blue States…Green States

2016 Red States, Blue States…Green States

Hold on to your hats sports fans.  2016 was an epic year for Cannabis in America as we fight back against the racketeers and prohibitionists that created the Drug War and incarcerated millions of freedom-seeking Americans.  Within 24 hours proud Americans will learn which of the nine states (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada and North Dakota) have voted in the majority for the legalization of recreational marijuana use.

Currently, about half the country has legalized the use of medical marijuana for adults over age 21, and four states plus D.C. have already legalized its recreational use (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington).

This election cycle could bring much-needed momentum to the cause.  We could be waking up on November 9 to find that about 25% of Americans have clawed back a bit of their personal freedom.  Just think, approximately 82 million Americans live in these states. For me, that would truly be a dream come true – the fact that I live in California notwithstanding.


Legalize Marijuana

Dysfunction is a term frequently used in does marijuana help diabetesthe discussion about federal vs. state marijuana law, and it stems from the fact that the hugely profitable plant has been the victim of prohibitionist rackets that could not exist if it were not for the fact that this incredible gift of the Creative Spirit still remains demonized as a Schedule 1 Drug.  Incredible yes, AND I don’t think we Americans are going to take it anymore.  Arguably, the majority of Americans are for some form of legalization of marijuana.

Meanwhile, the revenue from both medical and recreational cannabis is projected to quickly support growth to 25 billion if the pro-legalization politicos vying for early entrepreneur positions correctly anticipate the banking valve to be opened by the Feds.

Coincidentally, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is conducting its own study on the safety of medical marijuana should it become legal and thereby prescribed by physicians because as we all know the almighty (insurers) will gladly reimburse their physician partners.  The economics have become irresistible.  Has a tipping point finally been reached?


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