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Will wonders ever cease… ?

Legalize CBDIt appears we freedom loving Americans not only repudiated the Establishment’s candidates in the recent 2016 elections, we also gained significant momentum in our quest to end government prohibition rackets, reduce enforcement-legal-incarceration-rehabilitation costs.  And more importantly regain some of our civil liberties lost for the last 80 years by restructuring medical marijuana laws for our collective benefit.  In one form or another, 7 out of 9 states’ ballot initiatives legalized cannabis on election day.

Marijuana legislation 2016 features 9 new states seeking either recreational use or medical use voter majorities are Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, and North Dakota.  Votes all tallied show that we can now add California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine to our previous list of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska (ironically including Washington DC) for recreational use of marijuana.  Surely, we couldn’t have any pot-smoking, guvmunt politicos prosecuted in our very Capitol, that wouldn’t do.

Although not quite as exciting, there’s more good news regarding medical marijuana laws.  On November 9, 2016, new States voting to legalize the medical use of marijuana passed in Florida, Arkansas and North Dakota. This brings the total medical marijuana law States to 29 and the total number of states now having legalized some form of Cannabis or another like CBD to a total of 44 States.  (and Illinois went legal in August 2017)  That’s 90 % of American States… so yes, I believe it’s safe to say that the tipping point has finally arrived.  Following are the current States where marijuana legalization legislation has succeeded.


Current U.S. Medical Marijuana States 2016

1. Alaska  2. Arizona  3. Arkansas  4. California  5. Colorado  6. Connecticut  7. Delaware  8. Florida  9. Hawaii  10. Illinois

11. Maine  12. Maryland  13. Massachusetts  14. Michigan  15. Minnesota  16. Montana Nevada  17. New Hampshire

18. New Jersey  19. New Mexico  20. New York  21. North Dakota  22. Ohio  23. Oregon  24. Pennsylvania  25. Rhode Island

26. Vermont  27.  Washington  28. Washington D.C.

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  1. I am one of those people who want marijuana to be legalized not only because it can provide a safe high that we like/need, but it can be used as straight-ahead medicine as well. I know that our government is apparently still working if they continue toward legalized marijuana, but when are more doctors (and biochemists) going to increase the searching for the other benefits of this?

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