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CBD Living Chocolate

120mg Full Spectrum Nano CBD

15mg per piece (segment)

8 Segments per Bar

Fine Milk Chocolate


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Well, there’s Cannabis-infused chocolate everrrr-y-where these days.  But!  If you haven’t tried CBD Living Chocolate, then let me try to describe it.


Over a decade, CBD Living brings documented experience creating this particular nano CBD chocolate bar.  Nanotechnology delivers 5 – 10X the potency.  100% bioavailability via nano-sized CBD… taste it. Done deal while it delivers more than just anandamide response.


You’ll immediately notice there’s no typical after-taste characteristic of decarboxylated cannabis oil infused (hemp) products in general.  Conversely, CBD Living Chocolate is as creamy smooth and flavorful as your favorite Swiss chocolate, and no THC.



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CBD Living Chocolate Bar from CBD Living's line of nano CBD products