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CBD Living Gel Caps: 30 Count

750mg  Full Spectrum Nano CBD

25mg per Capsule

30 Capsules per Bottle


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$49.95 each

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Nano CBD in a convenient gel cap that delivers the same adult dose (25mg equivalent) as their CBD Living Water!  It also addresses your needs at a lower price point per dose.

And convenience is the operative word here as designed into CBD Living Gel Caps for that reason.  Office.. Travel?  Keep a bottle or two where you can easily dose.  It’s perfect for augmenting daily CBD regimens for those of us chronic pain patients who know darn well that we must again mid-day/afternoon/and,or evening dose…

Just make sure that you take one first thing in the morning (always on an empty stomach with 6 ounces of water).  For best effects, do not combine with nutritional supplements or prescription medications…. or food for at least 30 minutes.

Recommended by physicians specifically for patients suffering from neuropathic intestinal disorders like Crohn’s Disease and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) including women suffering from menstrual syndromes and even severe endometriosis, general pelvic pain symptoms.

You can also pierce the gel cap with a pin and squeeze under your tongue for a much faster effect whenever desired.  Then just swallow the collapsed capsule afterward as it still has almost a couple million nanograms residual nano CBD in it!  🙂