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CBD Living Tincture 4500 MG

4,500mg Broad Spectrum Nano CBD
60 ml (2 fl. oz.) bottle
Measured Dropper and Cap
Vegan – No THC


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CBD Living’s new, High-potency Tincture Oil is designed for people with severe chronic pain and and/or anxiety symptoms who prefer a Full Spectrum nano-enhanced hemp oil as opposed to traditional CBD isolate from hemp oil.  And they want it to be more economical!


So here’s the solution at almost 5X the amount of nano CBD at only 2X the price.  That’s the real deal folks… believe it or not.  And you won’t have to take as much volume of oil to meet your dosing needs.


Like their Tincture Oil at 1000 mg, you will immediately notice that this nano CBD oil is far less pungent and nasty-tasting compared to most other CBD oil alternatives. Although this product is designed for patients with the highest of concentrations of nano CBD available.


It’s also a great way to start with smaller doses and then move up gradually to higher doses without having to buy more.  Again, it makes financial sense as well as more biochemically effective for your pain.


CBD Living Tincture 4500 is in the highest-potency category of nano enhanced CBD hemp oil and is in the perfect form of CBD for those who require stronger and more effective CBD therapy.


It can also be added to the CBD Living Freeze topical roll-on for an amplified topical effect of adding more nano CBD to the area of the skin where pain is centered.  Try it – you will like it!