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$65.00 $56.95

CBD Living Vape: Starter Kit – Sour Diesel

(1) 350mAh Pen Battery + USB Charger

 – Plus –

(1) CBD Living e-Vape Oil Cartridge: Sour Diesel

3-way Adjustable Voltage

USB Charger

3 Flavors – Universal 510 Thread

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CBD Vape Starter Kit: 10% Discount @ $56.95


Our CBD Vape Starter Kit consist of two products that are available individually, or as this Discounted “CBD Vape Starter Kit”.  Many consider this the easiest and most direct delivery method for CBD.

The first component to the “Kit” is the Vape Pen Battery & Charger Kit (re-charging via USB connection).

The second is the disposable CBD oil cartridges (Mouthpiece & CBD Oil Cartridge) which comes in your choice of 3 Flavors: Sour Diesel, Bubble Gum, and Tangie.  Together, you have a convenient, durable, and potentially the most effective and efficient dose of CBD you’ve ever experienced.


IMPORTANT:  No PG, VG, or Vitamin E Acetate ever added to this product.



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It is often preferred by those of us who either need to dose regularly during the day or just prefer a relaxing, flavorful, and healing vape providing an immediate effect.  (NO PG or VG used in this product)


Nano CBD Vape Kit from CBD Living | Sour Diesel Flavor