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CBD Living Water: 12-pack

4 Million Nanograms of CBD (25mg equivalent)

D-Ribose – Methyl B12 – CoQ10

7.4pH Alkaline Water

16.9 Fl. Ounce Bottle

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Looking for lower cost for CBD Living Water 12 Packs?  Try our Free Membership offer and start your day for the next couple weeks with an alkaline-balanced bottle of 7.4pH nano CBD water, and see how it quickly works on chronic pain, relieves anxiety and stress any time you feel the need.

CBD Living Water is the leader in nano CBD products and their water is the most effective way of delivering cannabidiol to the cells of your body.  Nanotechnology provides an amplifying effect to the CBD’s potency and provides 100% Bio-availability.

CBD Living Water is also fortified with d-Ribose, Vitamin B-12 and CoQ10 within a 7.4pH neutrally balanced water that is slightly alkaline for better hydration.  No other water can literally change your life experience, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.



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