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$42.00 $39.95

CBD Living Water: 6-pack

10,000,000 Nanograms of CBD ( 10mg equivalent )

Includes: D-Ribose – Methyl B12 – CoQ10

9.0+ pH Alkaline Water

16.9 Fl. Ounce Bottle

2 Day – Free Shipping

$39.95 per 6-pack


Get yourself a CBD Living Water 6 Pack and see for yourself what the effects of a high-alkaline, 9.0+ pH nano CBD water can have on your day!  Each bottle now contains twice as much nano CBD as before!  Each bottle now contains 10,000,000 nanograms of Nano CBD… and 5 to 10x more bioactive!

Are you seeking the very best in CBD pain relief?  Of course you are!  Then HYDRATE with CBD Water.

Professional athletes swear by it… Are you an amateur seeking higher levels of performance?

Or do you suffer from arthritis pain?

CBD Living has always been is the leader in nano CBD products, and their CBD Nano Water is the most effective way of delivering cannabidiol to all of the cells in your body quickly.

Nanotechnology provides an amplifying effect to CBD potency and provides 100% Bio-availability to all the cells of your body. Vitamin B-12, d-Ribose, and CoQ10 is added for added nutritional benefit and synergies.