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Unity Wellness CBD Beverage

CBD Beverages from Unity Wellness Co.

30 mg Nano CBD Hemp Extract per Bottle

All Natural Favors & Ingredients

Ashwaganda, Ginko Biloba, Rhodiola Rosea, Stevia Leaf

Vegan  *  Gluten Free  *  Non-GMO

14 fl. oz Glass Bottle (414 ml)


Blueberry Lavender

Elderflower Rose

Ginger Lemonade

Blackberry Tea


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6 Pack @ $49.95

12 Pack @ $79.95


This remarkably powerful and tastie, new CBD beverage from Unity Wellness has made it to the top of my hemp-based  beverage recommendation list for my family and therefore now available at Cannabis Animus for you too.

So why did it make muster with all of us?  First, it contains a whopping 30 mg of nano CBD.  Second, it includes the aforementioned natural botanicals in a very thoughtful and nutritional manner.  Haven’t seen many others that can compete with CBD Living products.

You’ll also find that the formulators at Unity are quite sophisticated as evidenced by their choices of flavors.  These are not like anything else you’ve tasted.  And for those of you who do not prefer carbonated CBD beverages, any one of these flavor choices will truly match your expectations.

Each glass bottle of all natural, organic hemp complex drink includes many other well-documented botanical ingredients including: 14 mg Ashwaganda, 35 mg Ginko Biloba, 30 mg Rhodiola Rosea, 16 mg of Calcium, and Stevia Leaf extract as sweetener.

If you consider yourself a CBD drink connoisseur, I humbly invite your opinion.  If you decide to try this product, please consider letting us know what you think about the flavor and the results whether you are seeking pain relief, anxiety relief, or just plain CBD wellness.  Yo can leave your comments below the Product Review for Unity Wellness Beverage product review which you will find on main menu at the top of each page of Cannabis Animus’ website.

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