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CBD Nano Water

CBD Living Water is the ultimate in nano CBD delivery.  Superior hydration via 7.4 pH water + B12 + d-Ribose + CoQ10.

CBD Nano Gel Caps

Nano CBD in a convenient gel cap that delivers a full adult dose (25mg equivalent) in a convenient & portable form.

CBD Nano Tincture

CBD Living Daily Tincture is for people who prefer a Full Spectrum nano-enhanced CBD oil as opposed to old-fashioned hemp oil.

CBD Nano Freeze

CBD Living Freeze cooling, topical pain reliving emulsion containing nano CBD, aloe vera, tea tree oil & herbal extrtacts.

CBD Nano Gummies

Nano CBD Gummies in a delicious, chewable form that delivers a child's dose (10 mg equivalent). Adults take 2-3.

CBD Topical Patch

CBD Living Topical Patch delivers pain and anxiety relief for up to three days!

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Debra Smith

Paw Paw, MI

I recently had a blood test to check my cholesterol, 2 years ago I was at 205, the day after Thanksgiving I had a blood test & the results were amazing! My total cholesterol is now at 173! I was so surprised since I hadn’t really been doing anything different except I’m now using CBD oil daily!! Another reason to keep up my daily CBD oil regimen!   

Bobby Atkins

Redmond, WA

I have chronic pain in my neck and shoulder. This day the pain was there upon getting out of bed. I took my prescribed dose of Hydrocodone with no reduction in my pain. I took one CBD Living Gummie about an hour before bed time and within 30 minutes my pain had decreased considerably. I am an RN and thought I understood pain and pain management. I am very hopeful that the CBD gummies will replace the Hydrocodone over the next week. This is the first time that I have hope since the onset of pain in 2009….I am sold on nano CBD after only one dose. 

Tatum Young

Clayton, GA

I have MS and chronic migraine headaches. In 2014 I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome which is an autoimmune disease. I ordered my first six bottles of CBD Living Water and started taking 1 per day. It is so wonderful to be able to sleep again. And finally some relief from the throbbing of a migraine. I am so grateful to my friend and to Ted for helping me to obtain something that has really been a wonderful help for my MS, Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome, and migraine. 

Chris Child

Huntington Beach, CA

Thanks so much for this mega-informative article. I am on my way to clear sinuses and homeostasis! Your research and talent will guide us into a much healthier tomorrow!

Bethany Pierce

Orlando, FL

I keep finding about more and more uses for CBD oil. I now use it topically for my face, my arthritic hands and aching feet. I take CBD Living tincture 1000 mg once a day now, it I feel 20 years younger. And I’m not kidding! Love your membership discounts too. 

Bettina Rice Richardson

Dallas, TX

CBD Living Water is amazing and has helped me with a number of issues including IBS and muscle recovery. The taste is amazing and has the same “soft” qualities as the finest tasting waters I’ve ever tried. The membership itself is very responsive and Ted makes himself available to answer questions. Great customer service is key! 

Ruby Hauser

Cleveland, OH

I read your entire blog and learned a great deal more about my journey with CBD. Thank you for all the research and the references. I am using the CBD Living Water and start my day with a refreshing bottle before breakfast for chronic pain from arthritis and age-related stiffness in joints and muscles. I often take a CBD Living Gel Cap in the afternoon if I feel low energy and stress. I’m 82 years old, and feel better than I did 5 years ago! Ted will help you dial in your therapy. He’s very thoughtful. 

Paul Larroche


I was looking for a better topical pain reliever, and this CBD Living Freeze actually takes most all of the arthritis pain away in my hands and wrists.  Better results than other botanical creams and ointments.  Thank you so much.  It's truly unbelievable! 

Did you know that Dogs & Cats have endocannabinoid systems just like we do?

Well, they do!  And they also have similar illnesses and diseases - right?

Discover why CBD from Hemp oil is so important for our pets. The benefits are
many and you can see it here at Cannabis Animus.

All mammals have been determined to have well-developed endocannabinoid
systems with CB2 receptors and essentially the same architecture to our human systems.  

Both of our physiologies, health, and general well-being has proven to respond equally well
to ingesting CBD regularly.

"Vaping" CBD Oil

Technology & innovation supports CBD research delivering new product flexibility for those of us who enjoy the convenience, relaxation and pleasure of vaping CBD oil.